On Creativity

Creativity Is Craft

Creativity Is Craft

Creativity is not about divine inspiration, but about craft.

Edward DeBono’s Weird<br>Lifeless Talk On Creativity

Edward DeBono’s Weird
Lifeless Talk On Creativity

Edward DeBono discusses creativity in a way that is so lifeless, you wonder if he’s ever had any real experience with creative activity at all.

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On Storytelling

HTML Storytelling

HTML Storytelling

It’s easy enough to wrap your mind around the concept that your Web site, and each individual page or other active element within this site, should tell a unique story whose properties must include a unifying idea, direction, drama, and a conclusion. The more difficult mental task is to create such an element in a […]

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What is a story?

What is a story?

There’s a lot of talk about storytelling these days, especially when it comes to brands. Brand storytelling, we’re told, is one of the key challenges and opportunities for marketers.

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